About Us

Established in Melbourne in 1991, Mostly Unsung provides a unique research facility into Australian Military History from the First Fleet to the present day. Headed by Lieutenant Colonel Neil C Smith, AM, Retd, Mostly Unsung specialises in genealogical and service aspects of former Australian and British Defence personnel. Detailed personnel reports delving into all aspects of biographical, service, medals and operational matters can be provided quickly for as little as $40 including GST. Neil and Sylvie have recently relocated. The new phone number is : 613 5971 5565. No fax and no other changes.

With over 24 years Australian Regular Army experience, Neil Smith understands military jargon, abbreviations and the various organisational and recording systems employed by the Army, Navy and Air Force. He has accrued a wide and useful experience in examining available military archives so as to get the most out of personal, service and operational records when researching individuals and groups of Australian servicemen and women. A past nominee for the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance Medal, Neil is well known for his articles, ANZAC Day historical pieces and parade commentary in Victoria on ABC TV plus radio work and has experience as a cruise ship presenter and Reserve Forces Day compere. He has just finished working on a series of military historical research guide booklets for Unlock The Past covering the British Garrison in Australia to the modern day and recently published articles for the Sorbonne University magazine Les Soins and other magazines including Inside History.

Neil is also compiling a book on Britons, including Australians who fought in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s with more Australians identified than previously.

Presentations undertaken by Neil focus on understanding Australian military history and provide guidance on obtaining information required by family and other historians from sources located throughout Australia and the United Kingdom. Mostly Unsung’s professional research service can unearth biographical and service data on individuals in far greater depth than the usual detail to be found in commonly available military and civil records. Other aspects of Australian military history such as honours and awards; Eureka Stockade records; the most comprehensive holding of information on Australians in the Boer War; munitions factories, Army and RAAF unit movements; non fatal Australian casualties in Vietnam, internees; facilities; Conscription in Australia; war crimes and the Merchant Marine are random examples illustrating the diversity of research and resources available from Mostly Unsung.

With the centenary of the Great War in full swing, Neil is undertaking more and more presentations on related research and historical aspects. Recent examples include a Q & A session with former State Premier Ted Baillieu; luncheon speaker at the State Parliament House dining room, speaker for the Queen’s Scouts Commemoration dinner with the Honorable David Baden-Powell and numerous sessions and MC duties provided to local council and other organisations throughout Victoria and New South Wales.